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How to Wash a Car in the Wintertime


 How to Wash a Car in the Wintertime

Keeping the car clean in winter will make the car last longer. That's why you need to wash your car in winter to prevent rust under the car and keep ice off the windshield. Cleaning the car in the winter is also essential to avoid corrosion. When driving in the snow, salt and many other chemicals used to de-ice roadways can wreak havoc on the car, and probably cause irreversible damage. We bet you don’t like the end part of that sentence, do you? Luckily, you can prevent any potential damage just by spending at least twice a month during the winter to wash the car in a professional car wash. Although it has been known as a professional car wash, still there are a few things to consider when deciding an option where you want to wash the car. Below, we have listed some critical points to think about telling you how to wash a car in the winter. So, make sure that you don’t miss anything to keep your vehicle in its brand new look and performance.

1.Professional car wash with handheld pressure wands

Probably you have enough time to wash your car at home, but in this case, we recommend you to use a professional car wash to clean the car in the wintertime. One thing to remember when deciding where you want to do it that is choosing a place with handheld pressure wands. This handheld pressure wands will help you remove corrosive agents from the body and undercarriage of the car. Above all, you can remove all corrosive agents safely with that wands.

2.Start from the roof of the car

When washing the car, ensure that you are starting at the top and work the way down. It means that you can begin by cleaning the roof of the vehicle with the handheld pressure wand. After you have done with the roof, you can then work the way down, cleaning the sides and also hood of the car. Next, you can move to clean the undercarriage part. If you have finished, there is the final part to be cleaned that is the car’s tires and wheel wells. That’s the end part of the washing job to do. 

3.Pay attention to the undercarriage

When it comes to the undercarriage, make sure that you are cleaning this part carefully. The undercarriage would be a possible part of the car where you’ll find grime, salt, and chemicals from roadways can collect in the crevices and the corners. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure that you get down on your knees and wash this undercarriage when you wash your car, using the handheld pressure wand. It is an efficient way to remove salt and the other corrosive agents.

4.Dry the car entirely

If you have finished cleaning each part of the vehicle, don’t leave it before drying it. Make sure that you wipe the car before leaving the car wash, of course. If you decide to use a tunnel-style car wash to clean your car, it will likely wipe the vehicle with powerful blowers after the washing. That’s a great way. If the car wash you use doesn’t have this powerful fan, you can ask for a towel-dry the car after cleaning it. The towel is another excellent tool to dry the car after the wash, and make sure that you are not missing the following parts when drying the vehicle:


•Inside the doors

•Power antenna to prevent freezing

Proper maintenance is a critical necessity to keep the car always in its best condition. Regarding that reason, it is essential that you wash the car regularly at least twice per month to prevent corrosion. Especially in the wintertime, you should concern on the way you clean and maintain the vehicle to make it survive the freezing weather of winter. Salt and some other compounds used to melt ice and snow on the roads can cause some damage to the car. Especially for salt, it can cause rust and even corrosion if it is left untreated. If it is possible, try to wash the car every two weeks or at least twice a month.

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